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Cord Cutting Part 1

Cord Cutting Part 1

cordcutterNote: This started out as an email to my sister… Instead, I decided to post it on my blog.

Over the last few months I have been considering “cutting the cord“. We really stopped watching the garbage of TV over the last few years. Outside of a few things that were part of our cable service, we didn’t watch or even DVR much of anything. So I have started the process of cutting the cord.

A week ago I signed up for Sling TV and ordered a Roku Premier +. I watched a few shows on Sling TV like History Channel and some soccer matches on our Xbox One. It was OK, but kind of a bad experience. I had heard from a friend that it is better on a Roku, I waited until we got it.

Initial thoughts….

  • If you are a TV addict and watch all the big shows when they happen… Stick with Cable. If you don’t care about the current top 20 TV shows, then this is an option you can consider. I cannot name any of them and if I can, I couldn’t tell you if they were still on.
  • Sling TV is OK, but nothing amazing. The selection of channels is fine, but the amount of good content for streaming older episodes is weak.
  • Sling TV on the Xbox is a bad example of how the service works. It may look the same, but is really slow. On a Roku player (not the stick) it is pretty quick with very little delay.
  • Roku player – Get a good one. Pay for the Premier or Premier +. Its worth it for the better device.
  • Be prepared to compromise. Cable has a long history of getting content and free is not the same. You will get commercials like the old days or live channels. This will change your viewing habits. Frankly, that is probably a good thing.
  • Be prepared to pay for a few services for the more premium content. Sling TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vudo, Hulu or HBO are things you might want. I don’t think you need all of them, but maybe Sling TV and Netflix are some must haves.
  • Start finding new and interesting things to watch. I am watching a lot of TED talks and National Geographic on Sling TV. I am interested in Curiosity Stream, so that might be worth the $3 or $6 plan.

Why do this… Well, I have a $160 a month cable bill  + Netflix ($10) + Amazon Prime ($8) = $180~. If I need just internet ($50 for 100 Mb) + Netflix ($10) + Amazon Prime ($8) + Sling TV ($40) = $108~. That is at least $70 a month. So two Roku devices for our two TVs gives me a $600 + a year savings.

Last, I don’t like most of the main stream media. It is really just crap and lowbrow entertainment. So why pay for something I don’t like, watch or support?