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Foghlaim Python

Foghlaim Python

pythonlogoI started learning python last December (2016). I have been enjoying the language, but some aspects have been a little odd to learn. It is open source, so that makes it really strange after nearly 20 years around Microsoft and other proprietary technologies.

Couple items I had to figure my way through….

  • Vernacular – Open Source has a made-up language. Whatever someone thinks is funny or cool, it gets named that way. Take Django… Sure jazz is cool, but how does that describe a full framework? Microsoft has a marketing team, so WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) at least sounds close to what it does. So, it takes longer to get absorbed into the culture.
  • What is the way to learn? there is no cohesive path into Python, Java, or any other open source language. Still, it allows for more choices in how you like to learn, but makes it harder to adapt to the culture.
  • Which library or framework to use? JavaScript I think is the best example of this. Angular, Typescript, Node, React,… the list goes on and on. Literally

Though it has been confusing at times. I have really enjoyed the switch to Python. To help myself learn, I created an azure website to build some examples on. Still need to complete part of it, but you go to foghlaimpython.azurewebsites.net and see what tutorials I have been playing with. It includes how to get Python 3.5 running on Azure.

Oh and by the way, Foghlaim is Irish for “learning”. So Foghlaim Python is learning Python.