pyNote: An online Journal

pyNote: An online Journal

For the last five plus years, I have kept a journal. It is a great way to express thoughts and keep notes about what has happened. I found this particularlly useful when I was working at a company that made me miserable.

To that end, I originally built a version of it with Lightswitch. Since Microsoft has added it to the heap of dead tech they’ve pushed, I’ve rebuilt it using Python.

Try it out here –

UserName: Admin
Password: $Password

System will reset all data once a day around 12AM EST (New York Time)

Run pyNote

Prerequisites: Python 3.4+ (I am using 3.6), VirtualEnv, PIP

To run the application, download the code from Github to your favorite IDE. I like Visual Studio Code. Its free and supports multiple languages.

Create a virtual environment (virtualenv env) and then install the requirements.txt (pip install -r requirements.txt).

Then create an administrator account using Fabmanager for Flask-Appbuilder (fabmanager create-admin).

Once the admin is created, run the app (fabmanager run or python

In your browser (localhost:8080) the application should now be running.

Modify or run as is on the server of your choice to access and use. Using SQLite as the default database.

Since this is built on Flask-Appbuilder, you can modify the code heavily. Add OpenID or LDAP authentication, open up registration to anyone, customize the screens, change the theme or translate the application in many other languages.


  • Built in security functions
  • Account Administration
  • Tag and Mood configuration
  • Charting for Notes and Thoughts
  • Notes (Journal/Diary)
  • Ideas and Idea Notes


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